Operating Power Specifications

Operating power specifications for Hasler and Neopost systems.


Operating Power

Most Hasler and Neopost USA Equipment:
• Requires 120 volts AC operating power.
• Is designed to operate on a 15 amp circuit.

Note: some equipment uses 208 volts AC.

Specification • Minimum • Maximum • Tolerance • Measurement 
• 120 Volts AC  • + - 10% • Hot To Neutral  
• 120 Volts AC • + - 10% • Hot To Ground 
• 0 Volts AC • 0 Volts AC • 0.53 Volts AC • 0.00417% • Neutral To Ground 

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IN-600, IN-700, IN-360, IN-750, IS-6000, IS56STACKER, IS-5000, IS-490, IS-480, IS-460, IS-440, IS-430, IS-420, IS-380, IS-350, IS-330, IS-280, CS-200 - Tax Machine, IS-240, IS-280c, IJ-10, IJ-25, IJ-30, IJ-35, IJ-40, IJ-45, IJ-50, IJ-60, IJ-65, IJ-70, IJ-75, IJ-80, IJ-85, IJ-90, IJ-105, IJ-110, IJ-140 Mixte, IJ-15K, SM-22, SM-26, DS-35, DS-40, DS-60, DS-62, DS-63, DS-65, DS-70, DS-75, DS-80, DS-85, DS-86, DS-90, DS-90i, DS-100, DS-140, DS-150, DS-180, DS-1000, DS-1200, DS-1200 G3/G4, SI-30, SI-60, SI-62, SI-68, SI-72, SI-76, SI-78, SI-82, SI-92, AS-223, AS-225, AS-226, AS-268, AS-306, AS-3060, AS-308, AS-3630, AS-3640, AS-510C, AS-520C, AS-700, AS-710, AS-73, AS-830, AS-930, AS-940, AS-950, AS-950C, AS-960, AS-970C Mach5, AS-980, AS-990, AS-CNV, AS-CNV3F, AS-CNV4F, AS-CNV6, AS-CNV6F, AS-CSD3, AS-CSD6, AS-DRYK1, AS-DRYK2, AS-FDR12, AS-FDRSS, AS-FF, AS-ID1M, AS-ID2M, AS-ID7C, AS-Orbit, AS-Orbit BASE, CS-800, CS-870, CSV-810, CT-36 Conveyor, AS-1180C, HD-C11n, HD-C17n, HD-M11dn, HD-MF14dn, HD-CX1700, HD-CX1600, OMS-200, RunMyMail