Packcity - Indoor

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    An HIDS (Host-based Intrusion Detection System) (OSSEC) is used to protect the Packcity server against installation of unauthorized software. On Neopost workstation and Windows
    servers, Kaspersky antivirus is also used to scan the application against virus or malicious Software. Antivirus is automatically updated.

    Vulnerability checks are performed weekly and manage accordingly to the Vulnerability & Patch management. Intrusion and security testing is conducted on software application periodically and prior to any software release.

    Our web application has a standard RSA 2048 bit certificate to protect data in transit and used the TLS 1.2 protocol.

    By default, data retention time is 12 rolling months. After this period, data are deleted in the database. All data are deleted at the end of the Customer’s contract.

    Manage through Active Directory policy application. Strong password with at least 8 characters with 1 upper, 1 lower, 1 number, 1 non-alpha. Renewal all 90 days. Keepass tool is used to store in a secure way passwords.

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